What’s Being Said About Dr. Galante’s Consulting

What’s Being Said About Dr. Galante’s Consulting

I Knew the Staff Would Learn a Lot of Valuable Information

“I had heard you before on one of the Invisalign CE on-line courses, and really enjoyed all the aspects of your seminar in person. I knew the staff would learn a lot of valuable information from you. On behalf of the staff and from me, thank you very much!”

—Dr. John Heister, Seymour, IN; American Family Orthodontics

We Made Premier for Invisalign!

“Just wanted to let you know we made Premier for Invisalign! Thanks for your assistance with helping me achieve that goal.

I will be looking forward to the start of the Galante Group and the new CD series.”

—Dr. Ricarda Prentice;
Prentice Orthodontics

The Most Valuable Coaching I’ve Ever Participated In

“Donna, thank you for your outstanding coaching in the Mastermind group! It is the most valuable coaching I’ve ever participated in and I would recommend it highly for any business owner to attend.”

—Dr. Shahnaz L. Formoli, Sacramento, CA; Arden Park Dental

I Used Dr. Galante’s Hiring Manual to Help Me Hire an Exceptional Employee for My Business Manager

“I have been a member of Dr. Donna’s Peak Professional Mastermind for over 6 months and recently used her Hiring Manual to help me hire an exceptional employee for my business manager. Before using her manual, I had hired people without a system or process in place and ultimately hired people who where causing my practice to lose patients and income. 

Through Dr. Donna’s Peak Professional Mastermind Group and her Hiring Manual, I now have a system to follow when I need to hire new and exceptional employees. She provides a step by step process that is easy to follow and has all the forms, questions you need to ask during the interview, how to read a resume, how to make an job offer, how to advertise for top quality applicants and much more. I highly recommend this manual if you want to make hiring easy, systematic and a success for you and your practice.”

—Dr. Shahnaz L. Formoli, Sacramento, C; Arden Park Dental

Thank You for Helping Me Understand and Begin to Master the World of Invisalign

“I want to thank you for helping me understand and begin to master the world of Invisalign. Also, you have been more than an Invisalign coach to me because my personal and professional life have changed – tremendously, in great ways – by listening and learning from you. And by reading all the books you have recommended. And for all my transformations, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

Because of all of this I do tell all my friends that need help (Invisalign and otherwise) about you and your amazing knowledge and heart! 

Looking so forward to talking to you again (I’m sure I will run in some sorts of aligner trouble as my cases progress!)”

— Monica Goldenberg, DDS

I Have Become a Better Leader for My Staff

“Because of Dr. Donna Galante’s coaching, I have become a better leader for my staff. I’d like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for facilitating this coaching and mastermind group. I really learned so much in all aspects of dentistry and life. Great job!”

—Dr. Nancy Welch, Sacramento, CA

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I Have Become a Better Leader for My Staff

“Because of Dr. Donna Galante’s coaching, I have become a better leader for my staff. I’d like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for facilitating this coaching and mastermind group. I really learned so much in all aspects of dentistry and life. Great job!”

—Dr. Nancy Welch, Sacramento, CA

She Has Been Accessible and Timely

“I’ve been working with Dr. Galante for close to a year now on my Invisalign cases. She has given me more confidence to handle Invisalign cases with patients who I thought were out of my league in terms of orthodontic treatment. I feel confident about the level of treatment I can offer my patients and I feel well supported by Donna when facing difficulties or unforeseen complications. She has been accessible and timely with her treatments and correspondence/support even with her business commitments. I appreciate her and her help a lot.”

—Helen Hong, DDS

You Are in the Trenches Dealing with Problems and Your Solutions are Reasonable and Easy to Implement

“The small group format was great, comfortable. We got to know each other being in such a small group. It was more personal and we could share experiences. I like the fact that you (Donna) have tried the things you are suggesting and have first hand experience. I love the fact that you are in the trenches dealing with problems and your solutions are reasonable and easy to implement.”

—Dr. Sydney Moore, Roseville, CA

I Highly Recommend Donna’s Programs to Help Improve the Quality of Your Life

“The quality of the coaching/mastermind experience was exceptional. I have so much information and tools to work with for any situation be it professional or personal. It was a well-rounded experience. I highly recommend Donna’s programs to help improve the quality of your life.”

—Dr. Eloisa Espiritu, Lincoln, CA

My Practice Is Running More Smoothly, I Am More Profitable, And I’m Having More Fun At Work!

“I have been working with Dr. Galante for several months now. She has helped me learn how to set goals both personally and professionally. Because of this my practice is running more smoothly, I am more profitable and I am having more fun at work and on my free time. She has been through all of the same challenges I am facing, which makes her insight and advice better than any other practice consultant I have worked with in the past. This has been a great decision for me and my practice!”

—Dr. Ricarda Prentice, Prentice Orthodontics

You Have Completely Exceeded Any and All Expectations I Had of This Mentorship Program

“I have already recommended your one-on-one coaching to several female colleague friends, and I would highly recommend your coaching service to anyone opening their first practice. You have been extremely generous with your time and resources, and have completely exceeded any and all expectations I had of this mentorship program. I feel that you are genuinely interested in helping me succeed, and I appreciate the incredible amount of valuable information you have shared including specific marketing tips, fully usable forms, hiring and interviewing tips, start-up advice, books, and so much more. Our phone meetings always begin promptly and are never cut short. You thoroughly and thoughtfully help me find solutions to various challenges, and I always hang up the phone feeling charged from your contageous energy. Your mentorship program is a real gift, in my opinion, and the value far exceeds the cost. Thank you for all you are and all you do – you really are extraordinatry and just the kind of inspiration young orthodontists (and everyone) need right now!”

—Dr. Melissa Jones; Carson City Orthodontics

I think you are FANTASTIC!

“I wish I had known you 25 years ago! 

Keep up the GREAT work!”

—Ann Marie Gorczyca, Antioch, CA

Bursting with Hands-on Ideas

“I have to tell you I love your CD’s (57 Strategies for More Patients Now). You have always had that special art for teaching and sharing. They are so enjoyable and bursting with hands on ideas.”

—Dr. Beverly Carr;
Palm Beach Gardens, FL

I am Invisalign Silver!

“It could not be possible without your help and support.

Thank you very much.”

—Dr. Andrea Alijarde