Your Real Job

I recently returned from a trip to India where I had the opportunity to speak to 150 Orthodontists over 3 separate days about Invisalign.

My job was to present finished cases and teach them how to use the Invisalign software, to provide predictable and efficient results for their patients.

Having had the opportunity to treat our own patients in our offices, plus the 1000’s of cases I consult on for my coaching clients, I am confident in my ability to make the process of working on a “clincheck” seem less daunting for doctors who are learning to navigate the “art and science” of Invisalign.

I can give them specific strategies to set up their cases to get the results they are seeking and show them examples of how it has worked for our patients.

However, reality sets in as soon as they are back in the office seeing patients and managing the day to day operations of their practices.

This is a common occurrence across the world of continuing education.

Doctors attend continuing education classes for clinical skills, practice growth or even personal development and need to take what they learned back to the office the next business day.

That is when the “real” work begins.

But what is the “real” work?

The real work, I propose is found in the verb “ inspire.”

That is what we need to do in order to get our goals and plans for our patients and our practices to be realized.

Doctors, you need to Inspire…

You need to inspire your team of employees to get them on your side to implement the new clinical processes or the new scheduling template you had redesigned.

You need to get your treatment coordinator inspired to educate the patients about your new services, like Invisalign, or implants or laser surgery.

You need to get your financial coordinator inspired to make it financially feasible for the patients to afford Invisalign, implants, laser surgery or veneers.

You need to inspire your patients to get Invisalign for their orthodontic treatment instead of traditional braces, or implants instead of a 3-unit bridge.

Last but not least, you need to be inspired to lead your team and your patients towards the new services and a new vision for your practice.

Sounds simple, but is it really? How do we as doctors not only get inspired, but stay in the “zone of inspiration”?

It starts with a vision. A vision that is so clear you could take a picture of it and hang it in your office.

A vision that is so profound that you have committed to making it a reality by not giving up when the “road blocks” get in the way.

A vision that is “bulletproof” so that even when you have others around you throwing “doubts” and negativity, you are not shaken by any of it, only inspired even more.

To Inspire.

That is what my role is when I am teaching doctors about Invisalign.

To inspire.

That is my role when I am attempting to educate a parent about the benefits of Invisalign for their teenager.

To inspire.

That is my role when trying to grow and develop our team of employees to be the best they can be.

To inspire.

It does not even have to stop at the office. We can inspire our children, our spouses, our friends, our family and even the strangers we meet in our daily activities.

It all starts with a vision. Make sure yours is vivid, profound and bulletproof.

“The only thing worse than being blind, is having sight, but no vision.”

—Helen Keller